Direct Care Counselor - NY

Job Summary:  

Provide protective oversight to consumers, help develop independent living skills and promote choice while being responsible for the overall implementation of each individual’s total plan of care in all areas of daily living.


  • Participates in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all consumer goals and/or Res. Hab plans as written in their treatment plans (ISP/CFA).
  • Responsible for utilizing in-house systems, including, but not limited to: communication logs, medical logs, progress notes, data forms, and other systems developed by the agency.
  • Participate in Individual Treatment Team and/or annual meetings for consumers as assigned by the manager.
  • Serve as consumer advocate both internally and while out in the community.
  • Responsible for implementing and documenting all behavior plans, as approved by the Individual Treatment Team.
  • Provides hands on training and supervision in all areas of daily living skills including but not limited to; self-care skills, meal preparation, household chores, money management, travel training and any other consumer specific skills needed.
  • Provides assistance to and attends all medical appointments with the consumer as needed, those scheduled as well as those on an emergency basis.


Minimum of High School Diploma or GED, Experience in a DD group home setting or related field is preferred.  NYS drivers license a must.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to email a completed Prescreening Tool and resume to Human Resources at  or

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